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Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Ready-to-Close Deals

We'll get them in the door - you close the deals

Untapped Databases of 100+ Million B2C Prospects

We'll do the prospecting for you, so you can focus on closing the deals.

Hyper Personalized Cold-Emails

In-depth market research is done to ensure each email is hyper-personalized for each prospect.

Qualified Appointments Booked Into Your Calendar

With persuasive scripts and data driven sequences, you can guarantee to build a pipeline your sales team will love.

See What Partners Are Saying

Rob Levy (Influencer Marketing)

From 0 inbound or outbound traffic → 75+ meetings booked and 150+ opportunities in 9 months"These guys are incredible at what they do..."

Nick Menicucci (Affiliate Marketing + E-Commerce)

From no client acquisition system → 5 new clients worth $300,000+ in LTV
75+ meetings booked | 150+ sales opportunities in 10 months
"We’ve gotten several leads that have turned into clients that have all continued to stay clients for several months. Our ROI with them is about 10X at this point."

Max Finke (E-Commerce Ads + Creative Video Marketing)

From relying 99% on referrals → Signing $16,000 MRR deal and $19,500 in cash flow in just 30 days, 20+ meetings booked, and 45+ opportunities in 45 days"One of my main challenges was figuring out how to generate new business from an outbound perspective. We closed our first deal in the first 30 days with them which was really impressive ."

Jordan Freda (E-Commerce Ads + Marketing)

From a 0% positive reply rateConsistently booking meetings on autopilot with brands doing over $3M + yearly"These guys are awesome... They're highly professional, easy to work with, and they get results. "

Adrian Peleka (TikTok Ads)

From a one man show → Signing $8,000 MRR deal and hiring UGC creators to fulfill the service"It was a no brainer to keep going with these guys..."

Jake Victor (Conversion Rate Optimization)

From 0 outbound traffic → Signing 4 new clients in 90 days"I just signed my 4th client thanks to Core Conversions. It only took ONE call to close each of them. Brandon and Nick are experts at what they do."

100% Done For You Client Acquisition

We handle everything in-house so you can focus on closing the deals.

Our BDR Team + Your Sales Team = 10x ROI

Outsourcing your lead generation to us makes sense if your sales team is ready to close a high-volume of high-quality meetings.

Proven Systems

There's no guess work involved, plug your digital marketing agency into our outbound sales vehicle and you will grow your portfolio.

Case Studies

Influencer Marketing

Before signing with us, this influencer marketing client was relying fully on revenue coming from current partners, with no means of new income to grow the business. Now, they've had well over 75 meetings and continue to gain interest from brands all the way up to the Fortune 1000.

Meetings: 100
Active Sales Opportunities: 150+
Timeframe: 9 Months

Influencer Marketing

Before signing with us, this influencer marketing client had been promised the world by other agencies, only to get the complete opposite of their promises. Now, they've closed 1 of their dream clients, among other deals that fit right into their ideal client profile.

Meetings: 47
Active Sales Opportunities: 100+
Timeframe: 6 months

Total Meetings Booked

Total Opportunites Driven

Life-Time Value Added

E-Commerce Ads + Marketing

Before signing to work alongside us, this full service digital marketing agency was seeing 0 results from outbound, to the point where they completely stopped investing in it. Now, they've become on of our star clients, and us a key piece of their growth. Currently this team has signed 5 new clients in the last 4 months.

Meetings: 150
Active Sales Opportunities: 200+
Timeframe: 10 Months

E-Commerce Ads + Marketing

Before signing to work alongside us, this client was going so low as to give out $25 gift cards just to take a meeting with them. As you can imagine, this resulted in zero real interest. Now, they've already added 2 long-term clients in less than 30 days, and continue to move the needle forward on closing new deals.

Meetings: 24
Active Sales Opportunities: 65
Timeframe: 30 days

Strategy Call

We go on a FREE 30 minute call with you so we can ask questions and get a deep understanding of your brand and business.

Create Your Content

We take the information from our call and turn it into high-engaging tweets. Before scheduling the tweets we send it to you for review, approval and any possible re-writing.

Your account grows

Once you give us your thumbs up, we schedule your tweets and distribute them to our growth network.

What time is best for you?

Take 15 minutes to find out how we can give your business more sales opportunities

F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

We’ll fill your calendar with qualified sales opportunities and connect you with decision makers in your space. We’ll handle everything from our side so all you have to do is show up and close deals.

  • How do you qualify your leads?

We evaluate different criteria like monthly traffic, revenue, company size, funding & multiple other data points.

  • Will this work for my business?

Our system works best for proven B2B offers with high lifetime value tied to them. We recommend having the social proof and case studies to convert cold leads into clients more efficiently.

  • What do I need to get started?

Just 15 minutes to fill an onboarding form and 30 minutes for an onboarding call. From there, we’ll start sending you leads based on the criteria we set beforehand.

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